A World of Romance, A Time To Fall In Love

A World of Romance, A Time To Fall In Love
There are three kinds of people who will thrill to the sounds of Shawn Rae; those who are looking for love, those who are in love, and yes, even those who have regretfully decided love isn't worth the trouble.

It's not just Shawn's breathtaking voice that thrills the heart of the listener, but his choice of songs that recreate the most universal yet personal and uplifting spirit of love at its very pinnacle. How refreshing that nowhere in this masterful synthesis of orchestration, emotion, lyric and voice is there ever a hint of cynicism or expression of love's agony. The entire work is at once uplifting, exciting, and deeply sensual. Shawn is no less than equal to some of the world's most famous crooners in both style and voice quality. The musical arrangements are unique and original, and integrate, in some songs, a hint of the delicious flavors of other cultures. We find ourselves visiting far off lands with Shawn, waiting with great anticipation to see where he and his orchestra will transport us next. We are willing travelers on the journey from one lyrical experience to another, and as our joy and faith in the power of love grows, Shawn gently lets us become aware of what might otherwise seem pedantic -- that the greatest love of all happens within ourselves. We as listeners feel a familiarity with the choice of words, emotions and humanity. We feel a oneness with him, as we effortlessly ascend to a higher level of consciousness. We are joyful on this journey. We feel what he feels.

If being in love has a beat, Shawn captures it, especially in "The Power of Love". By the eighth song, a "Woman's Touch", Shawn has got you. That's right, YOU! Whatever your age, your take on love or your situation, when Shawn's glorious, seductive voice asks, "Woman, love me tonight," you'll say "Yes".

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