Bring Out The Nobility In You

ONENESS! A celebration of our truly noble and authentic selves as we live in awareness of our highest purpose and our interconnectedness with our Universe and all living things. This dynamic nexus of East and West exists in a combination of Occidental and Oriental ingredients united together in perfect and harmonious oneness. Infused in this eclectic selection of exotic flowers and plants is a touch of pure golden Sunflowers and a delicious hint of Allspice Berries that grow wild in the rainforests. The crown of this precious jewel is an unfolding of sweet Iris and soft Amber Crystals. At its heart, ready to impassion and awaken the soul, lies an aromatic blend of rich Egyptian Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, and the generous warmth of Incense. The drydown is influenced still, by the exotic addition of East Indian Sandalwood from the mystical Orient, along with Vetiver, Oakmoss, and White Musk, thus creating altogether a completely sensational and inspirational experience. A universally appealing award winner for the senses, this unisex sensation is irresistible to both women and men alike, as it indelibly leaves one with its timeless message and unforgettable signature.

Dear Valued Friend,

We are proud to present ONENESS, a truly uplifting and enduring perfume containing an array of Mother Earth’s exquisite and rare elements gathered from the four corners of the world.

Abundantly rich and unconditionally loving, our Mother Earth enchants us all with her divinely inspired essences. Captivating our senses, she challenges us to unlock the larger mysteries of life, coaxing us to experience our deeper selves. Her hope is that we recognize the beauty of the ONENESS within us, that ONENESS that connects us all regardless of our race, color, caste or creed … orientation or gender.

Like Mother Earth, who sees all of creation as ONE – may the use of this fragrance act as a reminder for you to Challenge Yourself … to soar to majestic heights of love and passion for the ONENESS of Self and all beings. May it infuse in you a deeper level of understanding, caring and commitment to a grander cause and a higher purpose. And may it spark in you the very precious seed of enlightenment and give rise to the infinite vitality needed for each one of us to co-exist, co-create, and transform with gratitude our world -- our most sacred and gifted planetary home … fully knowing that in spirit … truly we are all ONE.

Shawn Rae


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